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Obsession blinds me

Don't get me wrong I love the way you speak,

But seeing seeing your lips actually move is so fucking uncanny, the way you pull the muscles in your face to form phrases makes my skin crawl.

I could watch you for hours. 

How your body moves in reaction to what other people say and the need you feel to make gestures with your hands to get the point across more clearly.

It makes me nauseous.

 I can't explain why but the way your lips tug their way into a smile everytime someone says your name makes me want to die. I would say your name a thousand times just to get that stomach twisting feeling, so I could study and dissect exactly what causes me to be so repulsed by you.

Not the way you talk, not the things you say, but God it is everything else. 

I feel dizzy everytime you look up to try to remember what you wanted to mention or when your eyes squint just slightly when talking about certain things. 

I refuse to be around you but I am polite and people are asking. Why, if we have so much in common, why are we not talking? They force us to be friends even though I can't think when you show your teeth with every "e", I can't focus whenever I have to stare at you talking. 

It is frequently. 

I wish I was blind so I could hear your sweet voice without the thought of seeing your tongue spell out the words you speak.

I wish you weren't so invested in me

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holy shit wait to describe an indescribable feeling, your writing is great!

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Thank you so much, I try to describe the fucky things in my head

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beautiful. love ur writing

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Thank you <3

by finnfuckingtastic; ; Report

ur welcome <3

by ︎︎TV_static︎︎; ; Report

Marco ‼️

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Um…can I marry your poetry?? PLEASE. We must write together :0

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You can certainly try, not sure if you can get married to words haha, I would love to look at or bounce ideas off of other people :)

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YAY omg okay so, literally my first poem is on this site, like for tell in love with poetry itself because of space hey, my friend Lucy started a poetry contest and I decided to do it for fun and then like. Bro i deadass was mesmerized, i liked how words can create an emotion in yourself that isn’t even yours, or can create an entire words with mashed up syllables and a combination of letters it’s like :00000 hudehdunudnen I love writing

by Marco ‼️; ; Report

Yesssss, I love hearing other ppls poetry n shit. Love to look into other ppls mindddsss

by finnfuckingtastic; ; Report

Omg so reallll

by Marco ‼️; ; Report


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Aww this is just so lovely!! @_@

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Thank you!!!!

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ohmfg i love this so much

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Thank you :)

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Ah the reality of social interactions, great writing as always!

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by finnfuckingtastic; ; Report

From now on everyone I talk to has to know that I'm thinking about their face muscles contorting their flesh

by finnfuckingtastic; ; Report

Now it’s the only thing I’ll think about too :/ thanks for that

by StarGayzer; ; Report

I love ruining things <3

by finnfuckingtastic; ; Report

Awhhh? <3

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