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ᶻz﹒₊Info & Dni¿?☆

...before everything...

. I don't really like long DNI lists, I usually interact with almost everyone, mostly I don't question tastes (Obviously depending on what) and the main reason I do this is for pure aesthetics.

. If you don't like my way of thinking, my tastes or what I'll post next, I kindly invite you to simply ignore me, not all of us have similar tastes.

...about me..

. I am not a sociable person, I don't usually start conversations since I am very nervous and I tend to get stuck or I don't know what to say/write.

. I am very forgetful, it is difficult for me to learn dates, words, sentences, even other people's tastes.

. I like to use tag tones when writing.

. I usually write in capital letters and I write quickly, causing me to write terribly wrong and not be understood JJ

. I love decorating, whether profiles, letters, servers, etc., it is one of my hobbies.

. You have used Kaomojis, some don't like them but I find them adorable

...Talk to me please!...

.  If you like streams! more specifically those who play minecraft

. If you are a fan of Dsmp, OrgSmp, Ratsmp, Karmalad, WBD x MC and other mc series.

. If you like horror games, analog horror, gore, rpg, skills, logic, roleplay, etc.

. who likes dreamcore, weircore, cutecore, forestcore and similar aesthetics

. fans of web series like: Happy tree friends, don't hug me I'm scared fans, Fnaf fans, etc.

. Shtwt, edtwt, goretwt, transtwt, ventwt...

...Uh, I don't interact with...

. Under 13, I don't like interacting with people who are smaller than me by 3/4+ years.

. People who use the word "Transvestite" as an insult.

. "Nazis" or their sympathizers, Ableism.

. Racists/xenophobes/LGBTphobes/zoophiles

. Defenders of problematic people

. Fetishizes sexual orientation/genders/disabilities (such as mlm, wlw, trans people in relationships, etc.)

Thank you for reading!

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