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I was visiting a 6th grade classroom today and this kid left their paper on one of the desks and my friend found it was like, "I wonder what this says. I can't read the shitty handwriting."

We're nosy bitches, so I took it and read it because I used to have really messy handwriting so I could read it.


The first sentence was, "I walked home from school and found my mother dead and my dad leaning over with tears streaming down his eyes."

...Disturbing. I kept reading, and I'm not sure if the weird grammar and descriptions (lmao, "tears streaming down his eyes") or the actual murder scene was the most disturbing.

The story continues, and it's in this like "WEEKLY WARM UP" worksheet thing that I remember from like a looonnngggg time ago. The main character, Joe, finds himself knocked out and he awakens tied up in the darkness of his basement with his sisters and his brother. His dad comes down and starts torturing his sisters, and the descriptions of their struggles and screams was... horrifying. Honestly. The writer (who didn't put their name on the sheet) describes in such detail that the dad is torturing Joe's sisters and brother in the dark so Joe could hear nothing but the screams while he waits for his inevitable doom.....

I read this out loud to my class, and I was the only one laughing my ass off. Everyone else was kind of pissed because I was accidentally interrupting my *AHEM*SEXIST*AHEM* teacher with this story, but it was so damn worth it. 

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who wrote that? that's really concerning. also you should post the story

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I would have, but I left it in the classroom and I wouldn't want the kid to get a bad grade or something for not having their writing assignment. If I can, I'll go back and try to write what I see and leave the paper.

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