Fade out

I recently made a guitar string bracelet

My room looks more and more great

I can't wait for the dawn

The cold begins to penetrate my bones and hits my already fucking hip

I appreciate the blood on the dress and the paint on my arms

Yes, it looks beautiful

The knife cuts the drape of skin painted with colors that burn your retina

so damn beautiful

It cuts it, but it doesn't bleed

This once perfect spectacle of hedonism is interrupted

Remington's voice continues to sound

This is how I go from absolute terror to the calm of November

Impatiently waiting for a dawn that seems to never come

Listening again to those words that made me cry

Don'y you remember you told me you loved me baby?

And now I am here; November 2, 2023

Impatiently waiting for the cold to reach the depths of my skin

Was it worth it?

Why am I hesitating?

At this point I doubt my very existence

Impatiently waiting for the sour smell of tangerines and tobacco

I understand now

In the midnight hangover

Now the words that were written in the epilogue take control of the prologue

I narrate all this from the beginning, living the end

Well my mind clouded by emptiness and sleep always tells the truth

Spills feelings like blood and coffee

"Hello, my name is Alexander"

 I say in a rough voice after a box of cigarettes.

Looking around my eyes

Yes, I'm made up like Andy Sixx

Maybe the sore hand, maybe the sleepy mind

Perfectly portray what I want to say

If that is!

Because without being in my five senses I can speak without saying a word.


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