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good episode!!! we get to decompress and see the Impacts of the war on earth and on the crew. archer is stewing in his guilt and lashing out. his ex, who is the captain of the nx-02, (they don’t tell us her name for some reason) followed him up a mountain cause she thought he was gonna off himself. and it kinda sounded like he was planning to. malcolm is walking around in his uniform jacket to farm praise. phlox is staying on the ship to avoid Space Racists and then telling hoshi he doesn’t blame them. this dude had been through a WAR and not done that denobulan threat display the entire time, but he did now, in the bar.

and then trip and t’pol. oh my god. trip and t’pol. full on soap opera plotlines going on here. the DRAMA!! the LACK OF COMMUNICATION!! i’m crazy. i’m crazy. she brought him to her mother’s house and DIDN’T TELL HER!!! t’pol’s mother got forced out of her job as retribution for what t’pol did and she DIDN’T TELL HER!!! her and her mother arguing while trip just sits there awkwardly. her mother confronting trip about their relationship while he’s fixing the refrigerator. SHE BROUGHT HIM!!! SIXTEEN LIGHTYEARS!!! TO WATCH HER MARRY A MAN SHE DIDN’T KNOW!!!!!! i’m crazy. i’m crazy. HE WAS AT THE CEREMONY!! T’POL’S MOTHER GAVE HIM HER DEAD HUSBAND’S CLOTHES TO WEAR!!!!!! no couple in the history of television has ever done it like trip and t’pol

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^ my reaction to this fucking episode

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