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I apologize

To whoever it may concern, 

I wanna start off by apologizing & acknowledging the fact that i know what i did was vry selfish, 3 nights ago after my New York show i went back to my hotel room and swallowed two full bottles of pills. my thoughts and & my demons had caught up to me and in that moment i accepted the fact that i was okay not living to see any more days. if you know me or don’t know me this may come off as surprising or shocking either way but i’ve been working on overcoming so many mental roadblocks since i was a child tht it finally caught up to me. this isn’t the first time but it will be the last time. i’m sorry for scaring anybody & to my family & friends im here & not going anywhere. 


i would never ever in my life fake or joke about anything of this matter so plz don’t mistaken this for anything other then me explaining my truth 

with love , Daij

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Quinn꒰ ˶• ༝ - ˶꒱ TW EYESTRAIN

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thinks will get better, good luck and get well soon:]

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Guys is this real??

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Guys is this real??

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take it to a publisher

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idk what happened since this is my 1st time logging on in a while but im so glad u were able to stay strong & not end it. suicide is never the answer and altho it may not seem true, there are always people who care about you even people who dont know you who want people to be safe & happy. we r all very proud of u.

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your experience and emotions are valid in every way and you are not alone <3 there are many people going through a similar situation and are willing to help <3 dont let anyone get in your way and know that even if theres rotten apples lying around, there are trees full of fresh healthy apples when you need them :3

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I don't know you but I just wanna say that i'm sorry that that happened to you. stay strong man

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Idk who u are but i just wanted to stop by and say that u have nothing to apologize for, stay strong

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2P !

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Listen dude, idk u. but from one unstable person to another, overdosing isnt the answer. i hope your recovery goes smoothly tho, <33

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I don't know who you are but I am so sorry you went through that.

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☆ phia ☆

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i have no idea who you are, but i want you to know suicide isn't the answer. life is difficult but we all get through the hard days. you just have to push yourself. never put yourself down.

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I agree, it's not the answer.
I've had some tough times in my life too and wanted to do it too, but I could do it.

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.✯ Keaton ☆゚

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i dont know you, but i feel you my guy, sometimes i want to overdose too. and sometimes i will take it too far that i actually do commit to doing it. but you know what, everyone has a purpose, everyone is needed, everyone is loved. please dont take your life man. get some help. stay strong person, and stay safe. <3

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idk who you are, but don’t apologize. its not your fault that you’re struggling. i hope you get better soon, it sucks man but itll get better <3

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i dont know u but u dont gotta apologize for allat bro, i get that shit can be hard sometimes and a lot of the time it looks like theres only one way out but thats not true and u know it. We all know it. u got this homie, I believe in u. Keep pushin on and make ur past self proud.

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i'm so so proud of you for speaking up about this and I hope you get the help you need<3 you matter so much dude everything will be fine in the end

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i don't know who you are, but I just wanted to say that suicide is not a solution, whatever is happening to your life right now will only get better.
don't lose faith in yourself, okay? :)

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yo im sorry ur going thru that but suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary solution ( i heard that shit somewhere ) so take it easy

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shit might always seem bad but suicide will never be the solution big bro

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love you daijon , u bless me

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keep ya head up

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