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I just remembered

TW: Die Antw**rd

So I have a few oomf on here who stan Die Antwoord, and if u don't know who they are, then maybe its for the best. But if you're curious then I'd watch this music video which is just an exposé on SOME of what they've done. 

And I always believe that enjoying music and supporting the creator are 2 different things and that seperating art from the artist is ok (to an extent). So if anyone wants me to and you want to continue to like their music but would also be enthusiastic to NOT give them any money and boycott, I'll happily upload a mega link of their discog. I have the majority of their releases in iTunes m4a AAC downloaded from itop and Soulseek. 

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I love Zheani, this def needs to be spoken about more

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