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♡ 11:01》 Bundle Season (And a Month in Review)

》october was a big W (hit every activity on the list and then some)

》finished halloween night with one of the biggest scarehouses in the country (with honorable mentions of laser tag and a foam pit)

》the month was filled with spooks and thrills, so 20/10, and my dopamine has been sufficiently filled to undertake the month of grinding that shall soon occur

》diet back on point, hitting the gym 5 days minimum, getting this weight up for the summer cut

》being in my outside era is fun and all, but it's building a hefty case against my wallet, so elevating my finances is the ultimate goal

》ive been putting the pieces together, and hopefully my work bears fruit. important meetings at the end of the month will help me see my future much clearer

》off topic but i was invited to the bday party of some I (used to) fuck with heavily 

》i don't wanna go cause this person puts 10% into everything and everyone who isn't right infront of them, and im in a different spot rn

》ive very aware of surface level relationships that do not require deeper understanding, obligations or trust, but you have to at least be interesting and semi-consistent to even get that far

》im aware i have a complex with my past and people from my past, but I did a lot of growing my last year of college and since

 i have learned to thrive in the absence of many people of my past, and i have become a lot more indifferent to the feelings of others, especially if they aren't people in my life i regularly check on

》but a toxic part of me wants to pull up just so ppl can see how much hotter i am

》i have learned to be more selective about who is allowed to be in my circle, cause ive experienced a whole lot of foolishness being around some of you clowns, and it's gotta stop

》will i or won't i pull up? find out next time!

》{Bobbie has left the chat}

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