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Okay i knew what i was gonna write, but i forgot.

So for halloween i watched the original "It". WHY IS THAT MOVIE 3 HOURS LONG???? 

I fell asleep half way through so i didn't get to finish it. I randomly remembered a old Halloween fan-fiction i read like 2 years ago. So like 3 years ago i was crushing so bad on Giyuu, and the crush never really went away but just recently it flared back up. So i definitely wanted to find this fan-fiction. (for nostalgia, also because whats better than Halloween themed fan-fiction on halloween?) So i couldn't remember the name, all i knew was like three lines and that it was a Yandere giyuu x a reader that couldn't feel fear? I didn't find it but just this morning i found it! Im not giving ANY of you the name because thats embarssing. Oh shoot, so class is starting so i gotta go

Bye bye-Luckysheep91


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