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>>fake blood tw<< my jeff costume x)

my first blog..... hi

for halloween im gunna be jeff the killer 

and this is my first  attempt at trying to do the makeup (my skin broke out after this -_-)


hopefully the image works ive never posted on here before

what r u guys gunna be for halloween!? 

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Lookz dope!!! ^_^ I'm gonna b L from death note >:D!!

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thx u x) and thats so cool L's look is perfect for u =D

by max; ; Report

THX YUUU :]]]] it was so fun to cosplay him!!! :D how did halloween go/is going for you?

by ☆VAMPBOYMATT☆; ; Report

my halloween was ok i didnt rly get to go anywhere cuz it was too cold so i watched nightmare on elm street with my friends x) hope u had a good halloween!!!

by max; ; Report

Aw man!! Well, at least u got to watch teh movie ^_^ that's gud; I had a very nice halloween!! I didn't get to go trick or treating but my friends were really nice and made a tiny homemade party just for us, it was cool!!

by ☆VAMPBOYMATT☆; ; Report