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guitar reveals + cringetober days 28 & 29: past OCs and Gijinka

i drew my guitars as people!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to reveal my guitars for it to make sense tho 

this is my acoustic, i named him Suzie cuz its model name is verry complicated. theres not many stickers on it cuz i worry about not liking the placement of stickers. also i chew on him alot (hence the bandaids in the drawing)

image image

this is my electric, a 1963 gibson melody maker. i know woodstock happened in 1969, but this guitar is litterally from woodstock (im lending it from a friend who lives there) ((also the smell of weed and incense was litterally soaked into this thing))


then for yesterday's prompt, it was originally "OCs past design" but none of my ocs are old and the ones that are dont have any past designs, so i drew an old oc with her regular design. this is Zee and shes a zombie from a comic i started working on 2 years ago called "ROT!" 


link to day 27

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This looks so cool!! :D

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thanks!!!! :DDD im really proud of it!!!

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