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Fog in New York

It’s foggy , my head hurts I want ramen and i need a hug . Concert tonight will lift my spirits . I’m going to be a Greaser , like a 70’s harley davidson driver . If i smoke a cig just kind y’all biznes fr .

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wish I saw this earlier <3 sending hugs from NY

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once we meet, someday bro ill give you a hug and we can talk about life. i jus wanna have a deep convo w u. keep ur fucking head up or im gonna FUCKING END IT NIGGA. LOVE FROM OAKLAND. HAVE FUCKING FUN IN NEW YORK AND GO FUCKING CRAZY EVEN WHEN UR FEELING LOW. i know its hard v. shi happens for a reason tho, we gon come out of this stronger and better than ever. i know you can, you made it so far, we cant give up now.

love from purpp.

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i love u bro

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Dw I'ma give you a hug Venus 🫂

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