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about me (+byi & dni)

hellooo you can call me king (or ant)!! im 15 years old black (east african) i go by they/them currently (they can change depending on what i feel)


i may be too blunt/striaghtforward i doubt i would be online but jic pls dont be upset if i am!!! i value honesty and if u ever have a problem with me please tell me ill try my best to be mature about it (keyword try)

uhhhhhm i am a VERY irratable person i will get pissed over anything but again i dont think that side of me would show online unless i rant/vent (currently im not in a good mental state so uh)))

i am a rambler i think it might be obvious

i have many many interests that i often forget them all so ill make a separate blog for that but im sure we'd have at least one thing in common

im silly but i can be serious 

guts and osaka split

dm any age ^_^

also ur free to message me at any time !!!! (you will talk to me you want to be friends with me so bad be hypnotised pls)


basic dni criteria (homophobe, transphobe/terf, racist, pro/comshipper, shota&lolicons etc!), israel supporters ummm yeah 

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