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yep & yop (bif & dni)


i haven't been disturb yet by weird freaks but i'd prefer to not be disturb at all so here's my dni list,, but before that a small bif !!      sorry for the colorblinds

im a 7teen years old non-binary (born grrly and barbi slaying)

im omnisexual and taken by my fresh, fred jones lookin, shaggy personnality, disney prince type smile bf (yea i simp)

i swear.. often.. usualy in my other language i do not but idk in english i found it fun but if you want me to stop bc it makes you uncomfortable i will !!                                              even i can't see this colour.. and im not colorblind (i think..) at least not certified

so im from reunion island (search it on google if you don't know things abt the island or just ask me i won't mind at all),, i speak french, creole and english fluently and chinese and korean for the funzy! (so i can't present myself in those languages just simple word..)

last but not least i do bad jokes if we become close enough so be prepared..

ps: i won't give my real name until we are close too!! i like privacy :]

yes i love pastel colors and colors (in general?)

i write tons of "?" and "!" like ARE YOU READY FOR FREDDY!!!!!????? and i love writing in caps..

if you're a ROTTMNT/TMNT, prj sk (non toxic..), cod (mobile or not) &/or fnaf fan ADD ME!!!

it'll be updated if my brain manage to find other things,, now the dni part!!


fit under basic dni criteria (homophobe, pedo/map, etc..)

under 14 or over 21 (weird adults back tf off)                                                                if i add some it's probably bc i didn't see their age,, just tell me directly! im kinda blind smt

a prohip, mha fan (if your not weird your ok), dsmp/mcyt/dteam,, like ew ew

just here to collect "friend", like just add random people without same interests

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