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♡ 10:29》Boo Season (featuring a blunt or three)

》guess who got ghosted c:

》feeling indifferent because i wasn't interested romantically whatsoever, but we were supposed to hit up Anime Weekend together 

》only really felt a way cause i spent time building my costume, but im that bitch and I don't wait for nobody to do what i want so i pulled up on the solo

》college taught me how to truly move alone and gave me the freedom to live the life i want instead of waiting for other people to match my energy

》so ofcourse i had to pull up as the queen herself, miss casca

》walked around for about 20 minutes before i got "adopted" by some demon slayer cosplayers, and before i knew it, i was playing Twister with Bobobo-bobobobo (IN HEELS AND I WON CAUSE IMMA ALWAYS BE THAT ONE) and eating Korean BBQ

》also hit a Halloween party last night which was really chill. they had rum punch, fire pit, mad blunts, and ofcourse a local corner of niggas congregated to smoke and discuss (i always find the nigga corner at every event)

》ya gurl pulled up as Leon from RE2 to the function, cause only a loser does one costume

》met a lot of cool people here too, and ive been giving my ig out alot so now i have to find shit to post

》all in all, we outside, and we will be until further notice

》also finna watch the FNAF movie and hit Fright Fest tnite!!!!!! october stays on.

》but yea its fun and games, but i need to get back on the fitness grind. these muscles aren't gonna grow themselves, so we gotta make time for play AND work.

》{Bobbie has left the chat}

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