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Helping my friend find a girlfriend (18+)

------ BIO ------

Name : Morgan | Aliases - Crime Mime, Biggie M, Skin-man, Uncie Morgie

Age : 24

Pronouns : He/Him (Crime/Mine)

Identity : Cis/Het (Lonely)

Job : Freelance Author

Looks : Outdated picture, he now has a beard. (Also a really bad picture ngl) 


Mental Health/Health problems : Not that he knows of - aside from being 'generally disturbed'

Random Observations : I think he might be autistic, humour that is simultaneously that of an elderly man and of a 12 year old boy.

Warning : British

------ ABOUT ------

Interests : Philosophy, Psychology, Online Games, Reading, Programming (A bit), He's dabbled in a lot of stuff (other than dating)

Dislikes : Most social medias (he's got an old soul), Men (romantically)

Looking for : Woman. Someone to have intellectual discussions with, someone he can 'ride into battle on' (his words not mine). He LOVES smart women. A sucker for women in STEM.

------ Quotes from Morgan ------

"I might tie you up, but I will forget about you"

"Quick! We need to escape! Shove your head up my ass."

"I can swallow anything."

"I'm gonna have so many tapeworms, I'm gonna be more worm than man"

"Oopise shit I done an unlocate!"

"We did not be able to hide"

"We've reached a sexy level of efficiency"

"I love fishing, every day I'm not fishing I'm deliriously happy"

"I often giggle on the toilet"

"You have nits of the dick"

------ His pick-up line for you ------

"Hey girl are you you Smithers? Cause I want to turn you into a footstool"

------ Final Comments ------

If you are interested please message my Spacehey account!!

Kind regards, Cj

------ Credits ------

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i believe in bro he got this fr

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so far it is NOT working for him

by CJ_JC__; ; Report


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this did NOT work at all

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