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Introduction !

Hello, This is somewhat of a vent account you could say. Nevertheless, an introduction is in suit. 

 My name, you can call me Marija, or Ira. Or really anything you want.

➺ My pronouns are It/Thing/She

 Sexuality is under the Bi umbrella. Not that any of you should or would be making moves on me.

➺ I am fond of many pieces of media, but you may just want to find stuff like that out from me via talking. Though I will give away that I am into Muse Dash (Which might be rather obvious.) and Homestuck.

  My IMs/DMs are always open, I'll talk about anything really. You can also ask me for my discord but only through IMS, don’t be shy to ask haha.

➺ Fair disclaimer is that I am hypersexual and I am incredibly open and comfortable with sexual sharing and topics. If you are not okay with that, please feel free to block me or don't interact if you are not okay with this. You are always okay to tell me if I am personally going to far with you.

 I ship things that are commonly seen as problematic. If that is not your thing, you’re free to  unfriend and/or block.

Feel free to kudos if read....!


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