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looking back at old ocs (pt 1)

I was not immune to making awful mary-sue ocs as a kid. Looking back on them now, they're awful. They're one-dimensional, their designs are ugly, and I miss them more than anything. I no longer have the sketchbooks I first drew them in (lost, not thrown away, I just have no idea where they are), so I can't provide the ORIGINAL drawings, but luckily the point of these posts is to revisit them and give them the much-needed makeover they deserve.

ENTRY ONE - Sorath (nee Starlight)


Oohh boy. Starting off strong we have my fallen angel character. She was originally a creepypasta oc (first of multiple in this series), presenting as human with long, straight, blonde hair with pink and black streaks (think Avril Lavigne). Think of a generic scene kid with blonde hair. That is what she looked like. Her wings were white and black.

Here's an approximation of that design:

Obviously this is NOT how she originally looked, but it's a good approximation. What a cutie ngl, I still like this design but... not for Sorath.

So for it's redesign (changed pronouns to it/it's), I went as non-human as I could. I do have a physical drawing but I don't feel like uploading that since the quality won't be good. I may eventually add this character to my oc directory on my website, who knows! Anyway, the design is more eldritch??? That's the only way I can really describe it as.

Here is (basically) the new design

sorath but better(same picrew)

A lot more inhuman, more wings, just a fucked up little guy (gender-neutral). It is awful to draw. And you know what? I love it, I think it's an interesting design for a fucked up fallen angel.


There was so little story for Sorath originally. She got cast out of heaven for being ~tOo EvIL~ which... is just not good (but then again, I was twelve). She was found by Slenderman, and brought to the mansion and became friends with the other creepypastas and also my friends ocs (we would roleplay at recess and on google hangouts after school). It's basic middle school stuff.

So, how can we fix this?

Truth be told, we have very little to work with. This is great, since there is a clean slate to work with!

So first things first, wipe out the creepypasta stuff. Don't need it. They were mostly there just for a backdrop for me and my friends to roleplay. Get rid of it.

SO how did it get kicked out of heaven? Well, maybe it didn't. Sorath was never an actual angel, but rather a demon masquerading as an angel. It goes around, visiting those who are so desperate they don't care who answers their prayers. Of course, since Sorath is pretending to be a benevolent entity it answers as such... for a price. What that price is depends on how big the request is, and it's usually never good. Not like stealing souls or babies or anything like that, but the price is not small. Think: doing heinous acts in Sorath's name. I'm just going to leave it at that, you can use your imagination.


So that was Sorath! I'm going to make more parts to this when I can. I really like the idea of fixing my own characters from the olden days (early-mid 2010s). I don't know, there's just something nostalgic about it. I was originally going to do ALL of them in one post but... that's a lot to write at once tbh. Also I didn't know what to categorize this post as so I just put blogging lmao.

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