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My names are Nyx & Vira!

My nicknames are 7, sevn, Toasty, Toastylover65.

I am 14! born 19th july 2009.Β 

I am from Latvia! A baltic country in Eastern Europe!

I am Genderfluid and use She/he pronouns but prefer he/him more. :)

I speak Latvian fluently and learned English from a very young age, my mom says that I even spoke english better than my aunt who is married to an english speaking man. ^^

I am a Asexual Panromantic.

I get uncomfortable with ppl above 15 bcs ive had bad experiences with ppl older than 15.

I sometimes see older males as father figures bcs of my daddy issues, I have a semi present father but he’s abusive.

I have people I see as close friends, those ppl are: Wes, Kel, Fry & Sunny. But I also have some ppl on this app I love talking to!

I act immature at times but I can get mature when im pretty annoyed, I like to speak logically when Im mad at someone for being an idiot and not understanding something so simple as for example I got mad at this stupid girl ik irl for saying I have no humor when I was literally panicking bcs we were in a city at night time and I was trying to contact my family frantically.

Might update this more at some point but thats all!! :D dont be afraid to add me!

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