(SPOILERS) watched the fnaf movie

oh my GOD it was AMAZING!!!! the jim henson company did such a good job with the animatronics!! i think my fav scene might have been the one where william afton gets locked into the springlock suit. i thought it was cool how the filmmakers made the decision to allow the cupcake to have the ability to come off the plate and, like, eat faces or whatever. this was the first horror movie ive ever seen in my life, and might be the only one unless i either watch a different one with someone else or another fnaf movie gets made, but anyway i had such a blast watching it. they played the fnaf song by the living tombstone in the credits as well!! all this makes me wonder what other games should get movies. bendy and the ink machine? undertale? (i actually have ideas for an undertale movie which i may go into detail about in a future blog post) anyway tl;dr: the fnaf movie was awesome and i really recommend it!!

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