Let's go back to the beginning of everything

Even before these doors open

To the intense cold that crossed through the cuts

At the beginning of the memory book

That book that begins at the end

Ink on my eyes

Eyes that want to capture every memory

Let's start at the end

For all the damage it reminded me of causing

Drink vampire blood to strengthen your immune system

Does this feel like being forgiven?

At some point it felt like being damned.

The meaning of words changes

From the moment it preserves the feeling

I'm talking to dead people

Maybe I'm just talking to myself

Feeling this misunderstood pain

Beautiful agony, something that is only mine

Pathetic, poetic, a broken dawn

I wish I cared enough to know

But sadness does not make poets

Gives us poets something to write about

Yes, he has sparkles in his eyes

Like the bright stars of November

Guide the razor with the shine of the window

Because I feel safe in his arms

Two beautiful snowflakes on an autumn sky

Inconsistencies that form a feeling

It is not a work, it is an idea

Evening, night, early morning, morning

Today I met a beautiful angel

Fucked up words that evoke a thought

I can't get rid of the beautiful pain of this feeling

Humming for the most adored dream

The end is the beginning

Why was I so terrified?

I want to live all night, burn bright

I continued exploring this very harmful dream

So harmful, but it's mine

Do you remember that you are still there?


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