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⚣ - intro + small masterlist

HELLO ,  my names are deathe and diluc + a bunch of other names i call myself !  my prns are he/hy/ai + more and im a man wholikes men .  gay as fuck .  istp i think but if i saw a monster in real life i would not be logical and calculating i would cry and run away .  and im an aquarius . .  + im nd !

im 17 !  i like bl games .  well i like bl in general but im not a big fan of reading actual books and stuff for some reason .  i do read a little every now and then though and i have a small collection !  and im also just very interested in unusual vns !  if anyone has any recs . .  lmk :P  dont care how unusual it is theyre so much fun to talk abt !

before you friend me (if youre thinking of it)

this account is my virtual diary .  i am able to talk about whatever, so please dont friend me if theres anything that makes you feel uncomfortable .  i wont be putting any warnings .  and also just dont friend me if anything i like or who i am is something that you hate ,  im just here to be myself ! #cringe4lyfe

i sometimes like to refer to myself as third person and call myself by different names ! 

i most definitely have undiagnosed mental illnesses and the like .  i am currently not able to go to a professional ,  but please be kind .  i would get a therapist if i had the chance .  im trying my best . 

current fav chars: asato (lamento), shiki (tnc), motomi (tnc), towa (slow damage), kaeya (gi), hajime (enstars), jakurai (hypmic), qi rong (tgcf), shi qingxuan (tgcf), shen qingqiu (svsss)

thank you for reading!

other things: 

my quiz results 

stamp & blinkie collection 

sadistic blood vn walkthrough

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