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🫀 - dumping about why i love heathers (the musical) so much

to start this off: this is just my stream of consciousness. it may be incoherent, but i know what i mean so its good enough for me! i love love love love love heathers so much, I've been in love with it since 2017 and i am having lots of brainrot tonight. i started working on my media ramblings section of my blog just because  i wanted to dump about it somewhere!!!

i am a huge fan of  media that starts off cartoonish/goofy, and then it suddenly does a complete 180. hatoful boyfriend, svsss, THIS MUSICAL, the guy who didn't like musicals, etc, my personal list goes on. with heathers in particular (and im talking about this performance), it starts off so typical. highschool mean girl setting, typical tropes you'd see, and it's just so over the top and exaggerated its like a parody of itself. which is the point! given the fact its a satire and all. i especially love that there's like. only one instance of candy store being used as a goofy scene transition. its perfect! its so much and i love it.

when shit goes down, im reminded of hatoful boyfriend in particular, because hatoful boyfriend is what made me appreciate media like this. in hatoful, its completely unassuming, its just a goofy silly pigeon dating sim, at least at first. LIKE EVEN THE STEAM PAGE DOESNT GIVE ANYTHING AWAY. and then when you're reading through the unexpected main story and its just this gut-wrenching, soul-crushing, HORRIFIC psychological horror story... i just love the juxtaposition so much. in heather's case, it feels like JD is this anomly within the story, and he's the one poisoning everything. this ALSO makes me think of svsss, where the narrative itself is a character and plays the role of the villain at times (the system, iykyk). when you can visibly see the narrative shift and change because the characters are just so strong, IT LEAVES ME FEELING THINGS! im wracking my brain trying to really explain what i mean and im not doing it justice, i just have such a deep love for media that is unassuming and misleads me, and then suddenly im crying so much and feeling such big things and its not funny anymore!!!!!

stuff that happens in heathers is just so intense. i was listening to the soundtrack earlier because of course and like. seventeen, yo girl, meant to be yours, kindergarten boyfriend, lifeboat...these songs in particular just kill me. they ALWAYS make me cry and feel such huge huge things. seventeen in particular has become my fave song and it actually used to be one of my least favs, but i guess since im older now it just hits different. veronica practically begging to just have a normal life... i was thinking about how she must've been thinking about her own mortality since everyone around her is dropping like flies. theyre only 17! her little song about how heather, kurt and ram could never be able to at least try and redeem themselves because they just didn't get a chance made me really sad tbh. 

meant to be yours is on a whole other level, and i was about to start dumping about all the performances i watched just to compare them, but then remembered freeze your brain. from the performance linked earlier,here is what im talking about specifically. ever since i saw this version, EVERY other freeze your brain rendition just doesn't hit as hard anymore, EVEN THE ORIGINAL. i think don domenech really elevated this performance by soooo much just by singing "don't open a vein" the way he did (going higher pitched, idk what he did technically im no performer or anyone familiar w music / singing). it fits the energy buildup so well. he did such a GOOD JOB FUCKKKKK like i think about this rendition all the time, its just so good. and since im talking about JD already MEANT TO BE YOURS IS MWAH. MWAH MWAH MWAH. i love how he performed that song. i also love how forrest filiano, jordan luke gage and jamie muscato performed this! 

ok getting distracted because i was getting names to put down for these since i didn't know them by heart but AHHHH. idk. if anyone reads this im sorry i am not coherent i know. im pretty sure all i did was say "wow i love it its so good" and not elaborate that well. i just love heathers sm. i love how it played out as a satire. i love its energy. i love how absolutely wild and intense it gets at the end its genuinely so scary, like yo girl + meant to be yours just give me CHILLS and the actors did suchhhh a good fucking job, like i could not think of a better performance, its perfect. this musical is SO GOOD, the characters are so good, even though theyre terrible, which makes them better. the songs are amazing. ill never get tired of them. i loveeee it so much i LOVE IT. ok its out of me i will be normal now

oh yeah i just remembered that earlier i was thinking about how everything about the title + cover picture is misleading as well. i was high tho so idk if it counts. #yayyy. no clue what i just wrote but its so much im not reading that back lol

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