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🌿 - vocaloid

vocaloid has been in my life for over 10 years and i have met the absolute love of my life and best friend in the entire world isadora because of our shared love of kaito. i love kaito so much and think he is so so beautiful, he reminds me of the deep ocean which is something i also adore with my whole soul!

kaito is on a whole other spectrum and doesn't even rank in on any fave chara lists, he is just kaito, and there's no other character like him ever. my actual other faves are gakupo (my scrooble. babygirl), miku, rin, and vy2 yuuma (+roro design). 

my fav ships are gakukai, gakuyuuma, mikurin! i also adore gakumiku but also like thinking about them as a goofy duo. gakugumi is another dynamic i love, and i see them as idiot cousins. <3

i think vocaloid is the best thing that has ever happened to me and i will keep it with me until the day i die. it has really impacted the way i consume and create art! i love playing with these characters like they're barbie dolls and i have many, many, MANY aus and headcanons that live rent free in my brain, and this is the space where i will get them out :)

this can go on and on and on, but these will be elaborated on throughout these pagse!



currently developing

 vampire au  

toxic relationships and a vampire hunter who fell in love with his target like an idiot!

 completely different vampire au 

 idol au 

short aus and headcanons


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