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☆More about moi☆

YOOOO okay


I'm like realllly bored rn so ima just talk abt me:>

Hmmm well Hiii I'm Oliver or Quinn(my friends mainly call me Oliver:> I love art especially avogado6, his art is absolutely AWWEsomeeee. I love learning new languages, I'm mainly learning Japanese rn and a bit of french, though I'm much better at japaneseT^T I love anime, old movies and books. my fav fav animes are probably BSD, neon genesis evangelion, vampire knight, and I'm watching monster rn. My fav movies are probs All about lily chou chou(this movie is a literal cinematic masterpiece, it had me crying for agess¦<), anastasia, fight club and doukyusei. My absolute fav books are chainsaw man, the poppy war, omnicient readers viewpoint, murder most unladylike, skulduggery pleasant and I'm in the middle of reading crime and punishment rn. I also have a bunch of books that i have to read aswell¦D Some little things I like to do are draw, play genshin and I'm waiting for touchstarved to come ouutt, I skateboard but not as much rn, I like to stick cute prints and pictures on my walls to make em look pretty, I'm currently trying to learn the drums, I think my last super big interest was when the new spiderman movie came out, oooohhh and I also love collecting pokemon cards, my fav is probably onyx, the guys just too cool(Lmao fun fact, I think he became my favourite after I had a dream about him a few years ago and his voice was like awesome and he gave me delicious food so I just decided there and then and it hasn't changed since:]), ooohhh also lmao I love volleyball, I play a little at school though I'm not too great¦D

Welll that's all for now,


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