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being basic (as a treat)

like sitting in my university library drinking a pumpkin spice latte or pink drink from the on-campus starbucks while doing work (or not, like right now lmao) every once in a while is actually so nice

i've had a semi-rough week, nonstop schoolwork, long days (9-7 at the longest, 9-5 at the shortest), test after test after test, and i am allowing myself to have a little treat before going back to horrible environment that is my human origins classroom (basement of the library, no windows)

do i look basic drinking my venti pink drink from starbucks? yes. but you know what? this is the best part of my week so far.

yay for doing what you want and not caring how other people perceive you

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Comparison is the thief of joy. In the end, people are more worried about their own image than yours, and if they're obsessing over another image it stems from the insecurities in their own lives. I only read this as someone being human and indulging in their own lifestyle that happens to reflect on a majority of the population. And hey, you call it "basic" but you are more connected with a community. I've had the displeasure of making myself drastically separate from others and 'not like so and so', it is isolating in the worst way. Imagine making yourself so complex that you cannot relate to your peers? I missed out on all the good Starbucks drinks because of my inner stubbornness of not being like so and so, and in that I was denying myself a part of myself.

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You are exactly right. I used to be one of those "not like other girls" kind of people for a majority of my adolescence and now as an adult I look back on it and realize how much that really held me back from enjoying things. I realized I can indulge in things that are popular while still being a unique individual, and that enjoying popular things will never detract from that. I also realize now that that's the same case for every other person I have met, and that people who enjoy those things are also their own unique selves and not a part of some monolithic culture where everyone is the same. Personally I think this really led to my maturity as a person, and man is it freeing.

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