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Heyyy!!! i'm back and i'm so sorry for not responding to anyone's requests or messages but i haven't been online for a month or two and i got swept away in my school homework (There's a lot of homework btw) im in ninth grade this year which is very exciting and weird cuz im still stuck in fifth grade.

Okay so, a lot has happened but I'll just tell the important parts. September was a bulr, so was this month. I got a pair of pants that i really like but my parents think they're too girly so my friends and i are pretending that one of my bestest friends is gifting me the jeans on birthday (nov 10) so im really nervous, school's been so messy, we have like 7 tests per week almost every week and the pressure is real so please mention me in your prayers. I burnt mariah carey's butterfly album on a cd a couple says ago, I'm listening to it while writing this actually!!

Thats all for now, I love you guys <33  

~ joe ~

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