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Yeah, unfortunately I won't use this account as much as I used to anymore.
I used it a lot because one of my irl friends recommended it to me, and I took the option. But... This place is honestly small and I don't think I'll develop anything interesting here. Not even a good follower or friend count.

The summer of 2023 was absolutely horrible for me. Dealing with my past mistakes, having a sudden depression, and feeling hopeless. Not to mention nobody would get over the fact I drew child porn back until March 2023. Lost so many friends because of that and that fucking hurt.
I've been doing better as of right now and avoided NSFW as a whole because I want to stay healthy and clean. And if y'all think I'm into child porn, hell to the no I ain't anymore. That topic is DISGUSTING and should be restricted on all sites, even Rule 34 or NSFW websites. That topic makes me sick now and I hate how I was in the past coping horribly. I want everyone to feel comfortable, not feel sick and unsafe. That's why I'm getting therapy next year.

"But Andrea, these issues are problematic. You need therapy NOW, not next year."
Don't force me to get it earlier. Next year is the only available time I'll have therapy, and if you're impatient then just get out. Harassment and whining isn't gonna get you jack shit, you won't see change happen unless you shut up. You'd best off move on instead of causing public drama in my accounts.

Who knows, maybe I might come back here to change up my profile some more to update on what I'm currently into now. But honestly, this place seems useless to me now. 

I hope everyone stays safe out there. This is probably the last time I'll post here. Maybe. So, see you on the other side. Remember, my social media exists in my profile, so you can find me anywhere else in other social media platforms.

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