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b4 u add me

1. i am a minor so dont add me if ur like 18+ cuz thts jst weird

2. i am autistic so i will most likely b confused on ur tone thru text, if u wanna use tone tags get crazy, but don't take offense if i respond to ur comment one way when you meant another

3. i don't rlly feel bad about my actions unless i really care abt u so mb if i genuinely hurt ur feelings nd do nothing abt it

4. ill block u if u annoy me too much, i only let my close friends blow up my phone so 

5. i repeat a lot of phrases i hear so if they don't make sense or if my sentence doesn't make sense just ask me to repeat or explain

6. i draw sometimes

7. i write sometimes

8. i watch true crime docs bc i want to b a forensic pathologist, i am not a weirdo that support like random sh00ters or thinks they're "so hot", i will block you for that shit 

9. me and my friends fuck arnd w other ppl so if ur one of them cry me a river ig

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