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spacehey newbie!!

space hey!!

hey lovelies <3 

this is my first time being on this platform, have no idea how this works or what i'm doing!! (when do i?) don't even really know what a blog is but that's fine! because we love growth and character development :3

little bit about me, i've been dancing since i was little, always wanted to be a princess since birth basically kinda hoped id find out my family was secret royalty or be brought into it (still think that), i'm a very open minded and understanding person i try to be as empathetic as i can, im basically the worlds future big time supermodel and performer?? like hello check out my instagram @ameliagiancolaa then discuss, ABSOLUTELY LOVE juicy couture and early 2000's mcbling, thrifting, art/drawing, obsessed with mlp and mha.

when i think of more i'll let you's know but that's all for now <3 

PSA: melanie martinez is eating her portals era atm!!




PS: friend me if you find me interesting :))

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