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Why I'm here

 It wasn't until I started adding HTML codes to my page, adding strangers, and commenting that I started to get really enthusiastic about being on this site. I'm talking about that dumb smile you get that only you understand.  This brought me to the simple questions.... "why though?"

Back in 2007 when Myspace was the thing this is exactly what it was like. meeting people from all over, talking to strangers and those strangers becoming friends. Myspace would be the thing to eventually save my life in so many ways. in 2008 I underwent a long, long ear surgery which would leave me completely deaf in one ear and psychologically deaf in the other. conversation with friends at school was a one way street and out of frustration I just stopped trying to communicate. 

Life became lonely at school so I turned to the internet. I met people in Washington state, Oklahoma, the UK, and Canada. it was exciting learning about how they did things in their hometown, comparing timezones, and perspectives. commenting turned into messaging, turned into texting. I always had someone to talk to without the frustrations of trying to hear them. truly the happiest days of my life. Many of these people have made the biggest impact on me, taught me the biggest lessons, and best of all... are still around to this day. 

This is what i'm chasing. that chance to re-do it all with new people. I want to make unique friendships that are like the movies. everlasting, non-judgemental, comical for the wrong reasons. 

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