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DNI (Please read before adding me)

Homophobic, Racist, Ableist, Transphobic, Sexist etc (basic dni basically), if you dont believe self diagnosis is valid, if you dont like swearing or dirty/darker humor (nothing against you but i do both of those things alot LMAO), If your 13 or younger (why are you on here??), if your a metal/alt elitist, pick me's, if your adding me just to vent (i will always be nice and give advice where i can but im going through stuff myself and i cant help you with everything, try and get professional help there are apps and things that can help you), if you dislike 2020 alt kids (i get it if its bc they were problamatic bc they were but if they were just experimenting with their self expression and identity leave them alone) and thats basically it, im sure theres more but my head is empty rn LMAO, if i think of anything else itll be in the comments

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