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my favorite nba jersey designs :3

uniform images are from; i’ll be showing the away jerseys and also a player wearing them

2000/01 - 2006/07 Philadelphia 76ers

2000-2007 sixers away jersey


pictured: allen iverson

gotta start this list off right… this is a beautiful uniform. harkens back to a time when the sixers were actually title contenders. this design is synonymous with the allen iverson era in the early 2000s. im not gonna lie this uniform is dated as hell but that just adds more charm

1992/93 - 1999/00 Phoenix Suns

1992-2000 phoenix suns away jersey


pictured: charles barkley

this goes so hard its not even remotely funny

im a big sucker for purple so ofc i like this but this jersey is a true classic besides the purple. the way the basketball on the front is actually a sun is so sick… and under any other circumstance the slant of the numbers on the front wouldve pissed me off but it works with the design so it actually feels right

1996/97 - 2003/04 Utah Jazz

1996-2004 utah jazz jersey

karl malone

pictured: karl malone

i swear to god they put something in the water back around the late 90s - early 2000s

YES i know its just another purple jersey but its the way it meshes with the blue highlights of the lil mountains that goes hard… and the fucking MOUNTAINS??? nike is too unambitious to ever do something like this today

1996/97 - 1998/99 Toronto Raptors

1996-1999 toronto raptors away jersey


pictured: tracy mcgrady


ok yeah this design reeks of pre-9/11 BUT ITS SO GOOD THO!!!!!!! i really like the stripes and the shit they put on the players last name on the backside… idk what that is but its so cool

besides that yeah its just purple again but SHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!

2003/04 - 2009/10 Cleveland Cavaliers

2003-2010 cavs away jerseys

fuck it i’ll show the alt jerseys too

2005-2010 cavs alt jerseys


pictured: lebron james

these jerseys signify the moment lebron turned the cavs from a poverty franchise to borderline title contenders. keyword borderline. they didnt stand a chance against the spurs. and again these designs are dated (this time smelling of pre-iphone air) but thats why i like em

2002/03 - 2007/08 Sacramento Kings

2002-2008 sacramento kings away jersey

peja stojakovic

pictured: predrag “peja” stojakovic

im starting to notice a pattern

ok but this time it has very little to do with the purple i swear… the part i really love about this design is the font used for “sacramento” and the jersey number. simply exquisite

1994/95 - 2001/02 Sacramento Kings

1994-2002 sacramento kings away jerseys

chris webber and mike bibby

pictured: chris webber (#4) and mike bibby (#10)

i TOLD you its not about the purple!!!!!! its closer to blue on this one anyway

swear to god sacramento was on some shit from the 90s until the late 2000s cause this and the last one are straight heat… im a big sucker for logos that curve and bend like they do here cause you just dont see designs like that anymore

they went for a more modernized version of this design around 2015 which was cool too

1997/98 - 2006/07 Washington Wizards

1997-2007 wizards away jerseys

gilbert arenas

pictured: gilbert arenas

im ngl this is a bit of an unpopular opinion… i noticed on the site i sourced these images a lot of people actually hated this design. but those people can suck my dick this is a nice design

once again im a big sucker for logos that twist and turn so thats the main reason but i also like the gold highlights

1989/90 - 1993/94 Orlando Magic

1989-1994 orlando magic away jerseys


pictured: shaquille o’neal

im ngl now that im lookin at it this might just be nostalgia but nonetheless its a nice design

im really lovin these stripes they go real hard

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