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heeyyy here's my intro bros

name-ew, why do u wanna know

hair color-red ish (auburn?)

hair length-short, kinda a wolf cut? short in front, long in back

eye color-brown (hazel in the summer)

freckles?-yes, but they're tiny

peircings?-two, but i'm hoping to get more soon (they're just lobe rn)

skin tone-tan, but not pretty tan, like pale tan

birthmark?-yea, but it's on my back

fave color-red, black, green, pink (light)

fave food-i luuuuuuv snacks...but i love spicy nacho doritios (haters, don't hate on me pls)

fave breakfast-french tooooost

fave place-my room, thrift stores, or a used book store

fave game (board)-i love trivial pursiut (i suck at it tho)

fave video game-BOtw, TOTK, the sims 4, stardew valley, splatoon 3

fave movie-legally blonde, mean girls

fave tv show-one piece, gilmore girls, south park (i've barely started it tho)

fave curse word-shitcake (i made it up, bow down)

fave music artist-whatever the fuck spotify wants to play for me tbh

fave book-any gae books (or l3zB1An)

there's a lot more buuuuuut i don't wanna waste ur time

ok love u <3!!!!!!

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