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seeing the beths...again!

had an amazing time tonight seeing the beths @ warsaw!! (venue name not city) this was my first time at the venue and it's a super cool place! i think they have polish food there that i did not try this time around (due to arriving as the opener was starting) but i definitely want to return to try it... 

this was the last night of their tour/last headlining show for the year and the vibe in the crowd was so good, everyone was really into it which is the best kind of concert to be at! i can't post videos on here i don't think but i CAN post my one good photo from during 2am in the encore. i love seeing the beths live because they incorporate my two favorite things to see live: group vocals and great guitar shredding.they also take turns introducing each other which is cute. also also elizabeth dedicated "change in the weather" to a fan in the crowd with the same name as me who had what seemed to be a detailed and heartfelt sign.

the opener (2nd grade) had multiple songs involving spelling and doing the alphabet which is a fun niche.

the next concert i have tickets for isn't until february and i don't want to wait that long...i may need to spend some time looking around to see what local shows i might go to. the issue is really that there's too many not too few which i guess is a good problem to have.

Photograph of concert. There are four people on stage and a large fish in the background.

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