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A Man with No Backbone

Found this on Reddit


There once was a man with no backbone. He went through life as a puddle of meat and flesh. Never ever really able to stand up for himself. Never able to lift the heavy things in life. He was constantly stepped on and walked over. His face and body were dirty with the footsteps of other people.

He decided he wanted a change. So he found the best option he knew he could find. A broomstick. He took that broomstick and thinking to himself, “It’s not a backbone but surely it’s better than not having one at all!” He shoved that broomstick up his ass so far that it went up to the base of his head. It hurt like hell but for the first time ever he could stand up and walk upright.

He started to go through his new life with his new found back bone. At first it was awkward. He looked like he had a stick up his ass. He lurched and wobbled. He was stiff and inflexible. But eventually he began to move a little better. He was able to navigate and move through life a little better each day. He noticed that he wasn’t dirty anymore; people couldn’t walk on him when he was standing up.

Eventually he got pretty good with that stick up his ass. He could lift weights, he could run, he even got a bully to back down. Slowly but surely his back had grown strong and robust. A new backbone had grown around that broomstick. In fact it was stronger than the broomstick and he started to go through life like he always had a backbone.

“What do I need this broomstick for?” He wondered. So one day, with great strength and conviction, he ripped it out of his ass. You know what happened? Nothing. He stood strong and tall, because his new backbone was stronger than the fake one he made.

I don’t know where I first read this, so credit to the author. This is why you fake it till you make it. It will teach you the ways of walking upright and standing up for yourself until you develop the habits you need to do it without thought.

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A little anal, but I get the message!

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