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daily blog #9 [10/21/23]

today was another pretty slow day, it's starting to make me feel lazy with how much time i'm spending in bed :( i did get up and do my morning routine today though :3 i spent a Lot of time on my phone today because it was twitchcon day 2, everyone was having meet & greets and meeting ppl so i was on twitter a lot to see the photos ^-^ ranboo and cellbit (who i admittedly have started hyperfixating on again) met up and took photos together and i've seriously never been so excited in my life lol <333 i didn't have a proper lunch again today bc i took a nap again whoops but for dinner i had a baked potato and it was so yum :3 now i'm in bed getting ready to sleep so i can get up and shower before church tomorrow, i should hopefully have some more interesting things to talk about for tomorrow's blog >_< goodnight !!

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