Reviewing the usual pages is a habit

And I feel like my smile is fading

For some reason I feel tired

For some reason my time I'm wasting

And I feel like time isn't passing

My mind is chaos

I just wait patiently

Something that depends on me

I postpone everything for the next day

Because my life is not enough

Stop messing with my mind

Fuck this day

Fuck my life

What does it matter if I only use the band-aid one day?

The point is the scar, the point is the bleeding

While I pretend to remember a sacred face

What did you expect?

Possibly I still adore you

I still hear his voice

My life keeps draining

I still blame others

And my verses are killing me


I hear in the words of the devil

The paper castle is burning

And in a garbage dump I'm drowning

With only the instruments shining

Alone, alone, alone

Too weak for a suicide

With candle wax in the crotch,

A bloody cheerleader dress

And the voice is screwed up by so much tobacco

A match in the water

Now it seems like I'm playing

I want to wrap my arm

And give it like one more sweet

Feeling the spectrums of paintings

Looking over me

The bodies in the streets

The lost concert

I don't know what to think of myself

Before I fall asleep

And everything goes to oblivion.


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