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meeting other diabetics

I think it's kinda strange how, whenever i tell someone "yeah, i have type 1 diabetes" sometiems they'll reply with "oh! my friend/sibling/cousin/someone-i-know has t1d!" Even though I've heard plenty of people reply like this, i've yet to meet another type 1 diabetic. Or even a type 2 diabetic my age. Or really anyone with a chronic illness similar to mine.

it makes me feel a little isolated, if I'm being honest, being the only person I know who shares this experience. But I can't help but hope that one day i'll meet another t1d person. It would be nice to talk to someone who just gets it. Im sure this feeling is shared among other communities of people. I think this feeling that draws queer people together platonically, and neurodivergent people, and etc (not saying all are like this, just in my life ive met a lot of groups of people who are similar in identity in those ways).

There doesn't seem to be much community for type 1 diabetics online on platforms other than reddit. i've never been a huge reddit user except for when im extremely bored, but I find I am using it more often now, just to check on the subreddit for t1d. At least I know of one online space filled with people like me.

But also, as much as that reply someone gives me, where they tell me they know someone else with t1d, it also is nice to know that there are more like me out there, that we exist, that we are more populous than what is first thought.

anyways! short entry today of a thought ive been thinking about this past week

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