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don't worry, I'm still alive

Been a few months, huh?

Life Updates

College has started. It's going okay. Currently on a midterm break, got some assignments I'm procrastinating but everything else is fine. Any stress I'm facing is my brain stressing over nothing, as per usual.

Site Updates

I've added some stuff to my page, namely:

- My Cats: A page dedicated to my cats. Has information like when we got them, how old they were when they were adopted, and how old they are now.

- Kodak DC210 Images: I've added some new pictures from my Kodak DC210 camera. 

Collection Updates

I've managed to acquire a new (to me) laptop, but unlike my other new to me acquisitions, this is a relatively new device. It's one of those 11" Gateway laptops that turns into a tablet. Hardware ain't great, it has an Intel Celeron N4020, 4GB RAM, and 64GB soldered eMMC storage, but it runs Ubuntu Mate just fine. I was going to leave it running Windows and dual-boot Linux, but Windows decided that the Wi-Fi adapter wasn't receiving networks. I said fuck you to Windows and wiped the drive to re-install Ubuntu Mate 23.10. Of course, I'm using it to type this blog post, and it's doing a good job.

See you in three months.

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