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Today I decided I have free will, and after work I went straight to the beach, to look for a pumpkin patch in that area. Maybe see the ocean as well..

Mission was a success! I found a lovely pumpkin patch right next to the ocean. I remember driving by this patch years ago and hoping to visit one day, and today was the day! I took three pumpkins with me back home.

But before I went home, I had to get a better look at the beach.

Fun fact about me: I love oddities and bones, and maybe would like to get into ethical taxidermy.

I wasn't expecting it at all, but on my walk towards the cliffs where the pacific ocean lies, I found such a sight.

Okay I am going to sound crazy in the next few paragraphs, sorry in advance!

Too big to take home lol, but it was a carcass. I believe it belonged to a deer. The only remnants are the ribcage, and some meat on the bones, wasps still circling around it and collecting what is left. I am sure someone (or something) else claimed the rest of the body. 

If I was skilled and had the space, I think a spine oddity would be really neat.

As I continued on my walk, I found another! I had to take it home. I am not sure what it belongs to, so if anyone has any guesses, let me know! This was found by Santa Cruz, CA.

Maybe a squirrel? Mink? Gerbil? I don't know. Let me know what you think!


-Alina :*

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omg pumpkin patch near a beach is so dreamy!! that sounds like such a fun lil solo adventure u had today <3
and the bones u found… obsessed. that spine would be suchhhh a project to clean and preserve but it would look so sick as a displayed oddity

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thank you it was a dream!! the large ribs and spine was beautiful!! i wish i had the skills and space for it, but the potential of it omggg... imagine a spine on the wall or something like that! I am going to start the bleaching and cleansing of the little bones today, once i get supplies from the dollar store :.) i hardly ever go out into the wilderness like this and i wasn't expecting to find bones, so i'm very happy i got lucky

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