choosing my costume for my fist ever halloween :3 !!!!!!!!!!!

yeyyyy im so excitedddddddddd 

so, this is going to be the first time i will ever be allowed to celebrate halloween!!! 

this will be a summary for me to choose my costume until day 27!

i have some ideas in mind like:


something more dnd type of mage, with a cape and those point ass hats, i will also take a look to the origin and stuff

alien or something extraterrestrial

i really dont know will i do this, but ill think

mummy or ancient egpyt inspired

for this one i will study about the culture i dont want to disrespect anything

there will be an ankh somewhere in the costume as well as this symbol in the makeup

i will update as soon as i rember the rest byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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