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Have I ever told you about the time..

Me and my buddy went on a biking trip to go to an Italian resteraunt. The place was like, 9 miles or so away n' stuff. Maybe even more, sure was a Hella of a long bike ride. Everything was going good for the most part, until we were in 3/4's of the way there. 

I forgot the most important part of long bike rides, or stuff that deals with cardio, exercising, etc.

I forgot to stretch, drink, and bring water. How could I forget that? So the consequences of my clumsiness crept up on me, bringing me the most painful, diabolical, indescribable cramp I'd ever have. I literally fell onto the sidewalk next to a busy rode, while the bike crushed on my cramped leg, calf, and foot. I couldn't even move them, and neither could I move my other muscles to; like all of them were intertwined in a hivemind. 

My friend, who was in front of me, eventually came to my rescue. It was a solid 10 minutes before I could get back up and continue with the journey. But those 10 minutes, I just wanted my leg to be cut off.

But, there is more to this story. But it doesn't deal with cramps and such. We just finished our tasty Italian dinner in the resteraunt. It was raining outside. Before we even ate, it was still raining. After I cramped, the rain really started to ramp up. It was like a bad omen.

After we ate, we decided not to get a ride back home, and just bike back. That was a mistake.

We rode back from where we came from. At this point, the rain was heavy and weighing on our shoulders. I forgot to tell you that we had backpacks, and even those weren't safe. Everything got wet, and out shirts stuck to our skin. We eventually decided that enough was enough. We stopped at the nearest building. It was a school, and we used the entranceway overpass to keep dry. We were just soaked. We stayed at the foot of the entrance for 30+ minutes, waiting for my friend's grandfather to come and save us. Which he eventually did.

After all of this, I slept over at his house and watched a movie. Groundhog Day. It was good.

The second part was little uneventful, but was still a great aftermath to the most painful thing that ever happened to me.

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