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stress (vent)

i have nø idea what gøes øn abøut in my life at this pøint

i need change øf pace, everything's gøing tøø fast før me tø catch øn

i feel helpless and empty, i cant bring myself tø dø any cleaning up, hømewørk and øther stuff. im scared my grades will drøp but i cant dø anything tø prevent them frøm døing sø

i have a weird relatiønship with føød and i cønstantly feel guilty før eating

my intrusive thøughts are getting øut øf any sense øf cøntrøl. i feel the need tø isølate myself sø i dønt hurt anyøne arøund me. the vøice inside my head always tells me tø hurt my friends, hurt myself physically and respønd tø øthers in a manner i never wøuld

i have prøblems with søcial interactiøns and i øften cøme øff as rude. althøugh i dønt quite care abøut this

i keep getting intø arguments with peøple cløse tø me and i cant bring myself tø fix that in me

i feel respønsible før øther peøple's emøtiøns but at the same time cøuldnt care less. its like i dønt care in the møment im hurting them but when they respønd tø it, all øf a sudden i wøuld feel terrible

i dønt have anyøne tø talk tø abøut all this. i dønt even knøw if i want help, if i wanna get øut øf this state øf mind. peøple keep underestimating whatever's gøing øn før me and at this pøint ive given up 

i want tø hurt myself

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