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I'm going into the woods

It's the perfect weather outside to just hang out in the woods of my backyard and wander around a little, generally I like hanging out in wooded areas especially during the fall cuz it's the best season to me, if I go anywhere with wooded areas I can go into and just hang out in I frequently will or at least at the edge of the tree line, although I don't get out very much other than school and the outside of my house, the air feels and smells nice, the lighting is nice thanks to the sky being overcast, of which I liked the fact that the Crows come out during that time and because it's kind of it's kind of relaxing and easier to see , plus the refreshing crispy breeze and I have plenty of warm clothing to stay warm in so I'm cozy being out there which helps make the cold more enjoyable without me shivering. I can find all kinds of neat little things in the woods or just see some cool stuff, different things growing and animals, some that are passing through or might live there and etc. Though it kind of feels like there's something else around just lingering it feels a little out of place but I'm calm it doesn't really bother me I don't know what it is anyway. Has anyone else been getting more brain fog than usual like they've been having more memory loss and your brains just kind of feeling staticky? That and my electronics have been acting up a little lately randomly glitching out of nowhere even though we haven't had any power issues and I haven't damaged them in any way that could have caused it so that's pretty weird. I might give an update about it later but it might take longer than it could cuz I'm busy and I forget about this website kind of frequently, but I'll try to remember:pp

(Don't mind the grammar errors please=_=;)Overcast sky from the window

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