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My Day 10-16-23

    I've been enjoying having a couple days off before having to go back to work again after how much Saturday sucked. Go read my 10-14-23 blog to hear more about that but I was legit scared of that pair of customers. Even today I thought I saw one of them when I was out for dinner and my heart started racing. I don't know what I'll do if they show up again. Probably just try not to have a breakdown on the clock. Moving on, my main project of today and yesterday was cleaning the giant grumpy bear I got at my thrift store job. His white parts were all yellowed which looks much better now. Yesterday I hand washed him in the bath tub with laundry detergent. That didn't take too long but then he took forever to dry. I started by having him up over my shower curtain for a while then I took him out to the balcony. It took overnight and then until about lunchtime today for him to get somewhat dry. From there I hit him with the hairdryer until he was only the slightest bit damp. I also did my laundry.

    I spent most of the day working on my neocities and looking at other people's sites. I worry that maybe mine is a little too dull but I did get my first follower today. They complimented my site which made me feel nice. My grandparents stopped by today because they were driving past my college town on the way to the mountains. We ended up going to the old battlefield in town. It was kind of boring but I learned some history. Then we went out for catfish! All in all it was a pretty good time. I've gotta go back to work tomorrow so wish me luck. And I still haven't found my locker key ;_;

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I really love this album and I've had this specific song stuck in my head today

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