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fiction podcasts - weekly blogging 2

i think this weekly blogging thing will be more about a specific thing thats been on my mind the past week rather than a diary entry thing. and this week, my thoughts have been around podcasts.

i passively listen to podcasts as i work, so i go through a lot really quickly. the most recent one ive "finished" (aka got to the most recent episode, as its ongoing) is midnight burger. its about a diner that can travel through space and time. 

another one i finished was mistholme museum about a museum that displays seemingly otherworldly items

and podcasts seem to be the perfect medium for work since it doesnt take to much attention but is still entertaining. i forgot my headphones one day and almost died while walking through the doors

the fandoms for podcasts seem to be incredibly small, so its reallyy sad when i try to look up fanart or fanfiction and theres only like 3 total. not sure what else to say

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