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selective mutism and cømic talk

tøday has been bøth bad and gøød.

the beginning øf the day was relatively nørmal, the test øn cømputar science was delayed før anøther day, sø that made me happy!!

høwever tøday we had university fair and it was really løud there, but i cøuldnt leave sø i was very øverwhelmed and have gøne nøn-verbal D:

after that everything was øk thø, even thøugh øn geøgraphy it was quite løud as well

and then i went tø literature club with my fren!! but instead øf actually reading i talked to ms nikki (practically my møm) abøut cømics and films and it was tøtally awesøme

i alsø asked all øf my fav teachers their fav cølørs and im gønna make everyøne a bracelet!! i might shøw when im døne hehe

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