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hiii i'm Kyuu and i want online friends cuz i isolated myself so bad

i'm boy that is pretty stupid all the time, i like a lot nu metal such as Slipknot, SOAD, Linkin Park but i like other artists like MachineGirl, Jack Stauber and Mitski. Black Dresses is my favorite band, i love Devi's and Ada's music so much.

i'm very into rpgmaker games, i like pretentious stuff like NGE, Serial Experiments Lain, Paranoia Agent (i like a lot Satoshi Kon works), Made in Abyss and others

i like psychological horror so much and found footage movies, my english may be kinda bad but it's not my first lenguage (i still bad in my first btw)

if we get to be friends we can watch movies together! i haven't see all Saw movies y'know. 

i like cute and dark stuff, lolita dresses and very punk and goth clothes.

i'm the kind of person that likes to send memes every 15 second if gets comfy,also suck at videogames because i have a rat using my brain.

i draw! not too good but i do something y'know!

please don't be weird i cry

my red flags are:

boy p+ssy dissorder 
sometimes i do bad jokes about suicide or just bad jokes
i'm not too talkative but i will try my best!
kinks but i don't talk about it
i used to do SH but i'm in recovery!

Send friend requests and comments if you want to ask something or be my friend idk

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