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♡ 10:15》 Booze and Emos

》another successfully completed week in the life of a wage slave (let's fucking goooo!)

》and i unwind on my weekend like a true american, drinking Hennessey and moshing with some emos (10/10 would do again)

》met a lot of cool ppl per usual, i love going out and just dancing, there's a reason they have been drinking and partying since the beginning of society (that shit goes hard)

》all the fun halloween plans are almost upon us, hitting horror nights, fright fest, a corn maze, a convention, and netherworld this month

》idgaf what time my brain tryna be on ITS HAPPY SEASON

》i also deleted a bunch of dating apps off my phone cause dear lord it's just not the move with yall (no offense, but i truly do not want a relationship at all? i just want companionship honestly. and i think i may be a bit emotionally UNavaliable)

》i enjoy meeting new people, i just truly hate feeling pressured to reciprocate feelings and talk to people i really don't care about at all.

》i also want to evolve so much more and become the best version of me possible, so like imagine me wasting my time appeasing ppl i don't even like or know cause im afraid to be alone? i could never be that weak.

》every once in a while i get extra hormonal and shit a week before my cycle and CONVINCE myself i need someone to be whole

》but then i bleed and I BOSS TF UP

》but yea shoutout to the emos, very welcoming, imma party with yall again

》next task is to handle this leg day and get these stompers ready for the corn (porn) maze

》{Bobbie left the chat}

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